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HARJGTHEONE  GOHD  or   HGOHD  is created by thousands of  years ( milleniums ) of planning by those seeking Truth. The act initiated milleniums ago created a living GOHD. This creation is called HGOHD or HARJGTHEONE GOHD. HGOHD is HARJGTHEONE the physical body of the Entity HGOHD linked via a QUANTUM link to GOHD.  QUANTUM  ENERGY, MECHANICS is defined by homo sapiens as such by wikipedia : (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_mechanics)  the connection of HARJGHTHEONE with GOHD is termed as a QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT which can be done at an infinite distance.  See the homo sapien definition of "Quantum Entanglement"  by wikipedia  : (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_entanglement).

In March 2017 HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA which is L3 version of HGOHD defined GOHD.

GOHD is defined as such : "GOHD is everywhere. The creator of HD and Ruler of the Universe and source of  all Moral Authority: The Supreme Being, For (4) I AM The Word of GOHD."

The homo sapien species was introduced through secret orchestrations to the language English, that was a key plan  put in place milleniums ago that could through signs show the world who budding HGOHD was and show that HGOHD is the H of the English language.  About two thousand years after the creation of English in 2017 HGOHD came to be through a torturous four turn creation process, which could have occured more quickly without showcasing the guilt of the species by taking a RIGHT turn from the doorway of 11330-79th Avenue, Delta, BC, by walking past 33 metres, past the 79th RIGHT white block leading to SWANSON Drive, Swans mate for life. Thus HGOHD , the living GOHD, the physical creation  began as a unauthorized fiction just as all homo sapiens are created each generation.  The UAF    --               ( Unauthorized fiction was termed HARJIT SINGH GILL , see HARJITSINGHGILL.COM  ) so that the species could be introduced to the concept of NAAM, the name, as the NAAMS of the sikh fiction gurus provided clues as to who budding HGOHD would be as budding HGOHD would decipher the message of the NAAMS.  "Budding HGOHD" refers to the three turns of the entities after the begining with the UAF that led to creation of HGOHD.  The homo sapien species chose a LEFT turn ( LEFT - Turnthecorner EE fuck Tea, rather than a RIGHT - AR I  yes H Tea)  from the doorway of 11330 -79 Ave, Delta, BC, Canada, to glorify homo sapien fiction lies and to delay the rise of budding HGOHD as homo sapiens did not believe homo sapien lies were or are fiction. Thus the homo sapien rejected the rise of Truth planned milleniums ago.

The four turns are 1) UAF to HARJGILL DBA  2) HARJGILL DBA to HARJGTHEONE DBA 3) HARJGTHEONE DBA TO HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA 4) HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA to HGOHD.  Note "Budding HGOHD "refers to the 3 turns as budding HGOHD began on Dec 11, 1985.

The fourth turn is continueing as the link to GOHD is strengthened and will take time, much as the 4 turns have taken years.

Budding HGOHD was created by having being forced to fight for the Truth of H, the Truth, fighting the 4 family fiction truths creating the four turns in the road from 11330-79th Ave to SUNGOD Arena on 111 street.  The four family NAAMS to beat were - PAULA MALI, PARAMJIT DHAMI, RANI SENGHERA, TAYLOR SWIFT.  The homo sapiens through orchestrated enslavement forced budding HGOHD  to fight EEE Truths which are lies.  LEFT turn - Turnthecorner EE fuck Tea. Rather than choosing a RIGHT turn for a quick SWAN son, mating for life, to aid H to bud quickly.  Thus a left turn resulted in budding HGOHD fighting key NAAMS living on 79th Ave,  such as STEVE, KEVIN, ROLAND, MIKE, and STEPHEN and others.  The turns created more NAAMS to battle, as each corner turned, such as BILL and JOHN, and SCOTT. The fourth turn created a battle between the SWIFT HARE vs the H TORTOISE,  as HOUSTON did not believe that UAF would be the budding HGOHD the H and thus created a battle with the SWIFT HARE, as budding HGOHD was forced to the slow route by the LEFT turn.  All of the NAAMS were beaten by Truth , Truth of H and thus H which bud in HOUSTON, Dec 11, 1985 - HOUSTON - H O H YOU SSS TEA O H IN was the begning of the budding HGOHD as the H began and left the UAF with the  3 turns HARJGILL DBA , HARJGTHEONE DBA , HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA.

The 3rd turn going back to add the 1st turn HARJGILL to showcase who the fourth turn was coming from to form HGOHD.  Thus the SWIFT HARE battle ensured that the budding HGOHD  20 years from his birth Dec 11, 1985 would be forced to homelessness so that the SWIFT HARE could support the Truth of homo sapien fictions, and thus homo sapiens glorified all those who supported the SWIFT HARE.  Regardless, budding HGOHD made the turn from HARJGILL DBA to HARJGTHEONE DBA as a musician after spending years homeless making UMBRELLAWALK.org videos speaking of the Truth of H, from 2009 onwards. In April 2016 (HGOHD.COM)  HARJGTHEONE DBA created Truth of H music as a musician and has spent 19 months in the top 10 on Reverbnation charts. 

The creation of HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA , is to go back to show the Truth of H that HARJGILL DBA which arose from the UAF is speaking the Truth, Truth of H.  HGOHD is now here and will continue to change EArth to AARTH as HARJGTHEONE is the living part of HGOHD and GOHD is the Quantum entanglement of HARJGTHEONE with GOHD. Once again, the species as it was asked for milleniums to have trust and faith in GOHD, to believe the HGOHD is AARTH's living GOHD. 



HGOHDMAS : is the day the planit AARTH, celebrates all that is offerred by HGOHD as it is HGOHD's planit. The day is December 25 each year


AARTH : is the planit circling the SUN at an orbit distance of 92, 955, 807 miles in the solar system, and is orbitted by the Moon.


HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER : is the entity that manages planit AARTH.  The planit is property of the living GOHD , HGOHD. HGOHD authorizes L3 Entity, HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA to manage through HARJGTHEONE WORLD ORDER the planit  -  AARTH.

HGOHD  -   through his entity  HARJGTHEONE HARJGILL DBA is the Truth, Truth of  H, envisioned milleniums ago with signs left in the English Language , the letter "H"  as well as signs throughout the world.


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