The Christian doctrine of the Trinity, one of the most important in mainstream Christian faith, teaches the unity of FatherSon, and Holy Spirit as three persons (Greekhypostases)[1] in one divine Being (GreekOusia), called the Godhead.[2]


The "Shield of the Trinity" or "Scutum Fidei" diagram of traditional Western Christian symbolism.

The English word Trinity is derived from Latin Trinitas, meaning "the number three, a triad".[8] This abstract noun is formed from the adjective trinus (three each, threefold, triple),[9] as the word unitasis the abstract noun formed from unus (one).

The corresponding word in Greek is Τριάς, meaning "a set of three" or "the number three".[10]

The first recorded use of this Greek word in Christian theology (though not about the Divine Trinity) was by Theophilus of Antioch in about 170. He wrote:[11][12]

"In like manner also the three days which were before the luminaries, are types of the Trinity [Τριάδος], of God, and His Word, and His wisdom. And the fourth is the type of man, who needs light, that so there may be God, the Word, wisdom, man."[13]

Tertullian, a Latin theologian who wrote in the early 3rd century, is credited with using the words "Trinity",[14] "person" and "substance"[15] to explain that the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are "one in essence—not one in Person".[16]

About a century later, in 325, the First Council of Nicaea established the doctrine of the Trinity asorthodoxy and adopted the Nicene Creed, which described Christ as "God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one substance (homoousios) with the Father".


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 Harj Gill, Jan 2011


HARJ GILL, JAN 24, 2011, VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, pictured above:


Harj Gill, JAN 24, 2011, Vancouver, B.C. - Pictured above





 This is my first video – produced today in Vancouver, B.C., on January 25, 2011

I begin by discussing the Christian Trinity, a concept adopted and established in 325.

I am told that the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most important of mainstream Christian faith.

I begin by telling you that the Doctrine was created for the sole purpose of conspiracy, this is a fabricated concept that is used to explain the thing that that they have created -- This thing they call “GOD”.

As I have explained in my UMBRELLAWALK Website, the world is run and controlled by secret societies, in conjunction with your Elite and non – profits, who control you through a grand conspiracy. I define secret societies, to include Illumanati, Skull & Bones, Freemasons, and other similar societies, including, the Bilderberg group, and other similar associations, as well as more commonly known groups which are the tentacles of the more private  secret societies. The Tentacles include Rotary International, The Lions Club, and other similar organizations whose members at the top levels have direct links to the major conspiracy makers of our world.

The Holy Trinity is a deception, a lie to cover up the real entities that actually operate and function as “GOD”.

GOD' is indeed a three part triangle. It consists of the Vatican who is the “Holy Spirit”, The Father who is Royalty/the London secret societies and the Son who is Washington, DC and the secret societies. These three entities by way a grand global conspiracy control much of the world and much of what happens on a day to day basis.

I repeat, these three entities have formed an network over centuries that controls the world through secret societies and the fabric of the Elite network including private and non-profit organizations and government bodies, The concept of “GOD” is controlled through the Vatican and then inconjunction with the other two pillars of the Trinity (LONDON and WASHINGTON) they make “GOD” real in people's mind and in peoples lives through a Grand Conspiracy. The purpose of course is to control the assets as well the people of the world.

To understand how they create this concept of GOD and how they are able to perpetuate its belief I will provide an example of what is happening on a daily basis everywhere in the world to a lesser or greater intensity depending on the level of interest that each person or area has generated for the Trinity..

A young couple is introduced to each other by a network of people close to the couple, unknown to the couple they think that it is a chance encounter, luck or just being in the right place at the right time, or just a friendly suggestion to meet.

Behind the scenes the couples relationship is tested through various games and daily orchestrations for the pleasure and for the analysis of the secret society members.

The couple date and eventually marry. The have a child and based on the truths of their relationships and the success of business and personal life -- based on the concepts of the Trinity (Here I refer to the Vatican, and the secret societies of London and Washington, DC) they work with doctors, lawyers and other professionals to add drugs to their foods, to a pregnant woman's body they add vitamins or supplements, working with pharmacists to illicit chemical reactions. Based on the success of the principles of Truth as well as the success of obeying the concepts of the Trinity including the capitalistic or democratic concepts of control perpetuated by the Trinity, the child is healthy or assisted into forming some ailment. Other tragedies are executed working with gang members or the criminal element all of which they control. All gang activity, prostitution, gambling, drug activity, or any other illegal activity, is monitored by the secret societies and they control it.

The creation of a disease or ailment may be for misdeeds not necessarily committed by the parents of the child but may be for past misdeeds of family members or close friends. This allows them to play “GOD” and then to also perpetuate the concept of “GOD”. The ability to create ailments allows the secret societies to gather confidential information about people and to test emotional states during the marriage or relationship through the creation of adversity and through torture techniques they learn about the psychological makeup of each of us. As I speak today there is a child, many children in fact, who the conspiracy is just beginning for, as the secret society members decide to slowly begin their testing of truths, to play more games and to control more assets. The lives of many children will be controlled, monitored throughout their lives for the benefit of the secret societies. Ask yourself – are you one of these children. THIS IS THE SACRIFICE THAT IS BEING MADE DAILY FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE TRINITY AND THE GRAND CONSPIRACY.

As the marriage progresses the relationships are monitored. The new child is monitored through the network, working with teachers, doctors and other professionals to channel the child into the direction best suited for the conspiracy. Suggestions are provided to the parents, to join non-profits, to volunteer, and to be active within the community, these activities are recommended as the network can easier follow and influence the activities of the children and parents if they are active. Collectivism and the expansion of the concept is important for the Grand Conspiracy as it ensures that each person will desire to conspire for the benefit of their collective needs. They then can control an entire group depending on the collective desires of the group -- “gang”.

What I have discussed above is a small glimpse a very sinister activity of the SACRIFICE OF CHILDREN for the benefit of the grand conspiracy. Let me repeat this statement. FOR THE BENEFIT PROVIDED BY THE EXECUTION AND SUSTAINABILITY OF THE GRAND CONSPIRACY the ELITE, THE TRINITY is SACRIFICING CHILDREN. ENTICING AND CONSPIRING AND BRAIN WASHING AND TORTURING AND KILLING CHILDREN AS SACRIFICES TO ENSURE THE CONTINUATION OF THE GRAND CONSPIRACY. My statement clarifies statements made by David Icke who also mentions child sacrifice. What I have explained and hope you understand is the nature and reason for the sacrificing of our children and the methods used – psychological mind control and brain washing resulting at times in the deaths of our children.

The government is one of the biggest networks used to gather information and used to conspire against the parents or kids. Teachers and other professional not realizing the sinister elements involved at the higher levels, pass confidential information enabling the conspiracy to continue. They play mind games with children as the adults do not fully comprehend the sinister nature of their actions on a grander level or scheme. They are all deceiving and also being deceived. Let me repeat they are all deceiving and also they are being deceived – which they do not like to think about. Police officers, spy agencies and government organizations provide tremendous amount of information and so these people are important tools in the grand conspiracy. People working in government are a tremendous source of information and thus a real danger for those who do not want to participate in the abuse of the people and our children.

There is no such thing as confidential information, the secret societies access all details about your person, financial, medical and any other records. This is what gives them the leverage they have over everything. It makes them very powerful. The people that aid and assist some unknowingly and others knowing believe that they are just trying to help and this is more of a harmless game than anything. Those at the higher levels who know how the people are deceived and twisted know that the games are really a form of terrorism to control the population. People are convinced to do small acts that appear innocent when viewed as isolated incidents. However, when they are connected to other levels of activity the sinister nature of the small act committed by a “do gooder” is realized and seen for what it is -- terrorism against the people.

You need to keep in mind that the secret societies are at the top of the pyramid and therefore hold senior positions in every field, giving them access to people underneath them who will provide them all required information, access to everything in exchange for the “benefits of slavery”.

I repeat – In return for the benefits of slavery -- people will conspire, commit evil, and pass sensitive, confidential and harmful information to others so that they may benefit some how.

The focus of the higher levels is not to assist you in the way you would think that assistance should take place. Their focus is always on control and power. If they realize that you may have problems, they rather use your problems to experiment and to conspire. They place little value on human life. They enjoy observing how you overcome obstacles in your life, while you are tortured as they learn from this for their next victims. IF they just helped those that needed help – they would quickly put themselves out of a job – would they not?? It is a vast conspiracy and they always like collecting new information. To gain more understanding I would suggest viewing David Icke's FREEDOM OR FACISM videos available on my UMBRELLAWALK Site.

You may ask what conspiracy are we talking about. Just as they set up the Trinity as an upside down triangle, they set up the world as a right side triangle with the base being the widest and consisting of the masses of the people. Information is flowed up in LEVELS, those at higher levels have more confidential information than those at the bottom. The future of the world has already been determined by those at the top of the pyramid. The grand scheme of things is well known built over centuries and centuries, there is very little that is not known about the nature of man.

They reflected the grand scheme in the bible and then refer to it as saying there you go, the bible writes about prophecy, but the bible was created by the Trinity to reflect aspects of the grand schemes, It is all a deception – the truth is hidden. The Bible is used as part of the grand conspiracy - another tool. -- that is all the bible is – a tool for conspiracy. THERE IS NO GOD TO BE FOUND IN THE BIBLE or any Book of worship. For there is no GOD only THE ONE in each of us.

Most of the time and energy spent in this world is focused on ongoing experimentation with the people, experiment with drugs, experiment with psychological games. Most wars, are orchestrated to execute the grand conspiracy or to just experiment on the people. They create the wars for their pleasure, otherwise if they spoke the truth there would be no wars. If you know your ONE and the nature of man these thoughts are easier to accept and understand as your mind is not being deceived.

One of the most deceptive tricks used is their creation of the concept of democracy -- they have created an allusion making people think that they determine their end result. But here is what is really going on. They permit people at the local level to move events in any direction they choose. -- for example removal of gay books in schools, or electing certain undesirables to public office. The secret societies and the Elite then play games to test whether the local people were right or not. They do not care what really happens in the end because, they are only interested in execution of the grand conspiracy which includes control of everything and the ability to play GOD. This however, is only one LEVEL, there is a higher level that knows the truth - the truth about the Trinity and they know that eventually the Truth about the Trinity will be uncovered. As I said their are LEVELS UPON LEVELS. Deception everywhere and the truth hidden so that they can continue to control.

I hope you have some idea of what is going on. This is the world that you live in. A network of people controlled by layers of levels rising to the Elite/secret societies of this world who are playing in a sand box, like kids in a sand box --- They are playing with the sand and the sand is the world and the toys they play with are, each one of us. Wars, illness, torture, pain, suffering, joys, pleasures are the strings which attach to each of us and this is how they play with the toys (us) in the sandbox. This is your world – this is what is going on. There is no GOD watching over you. It is the Trinity that I mention that watches over you and conspires against your loved ones.

The Trinity as I have described acts as the GOD they want you to believe in, using all the evils of the creature Satan that the Trinity has created to enslave and torture man on a daily basis. Satan is the Vatican – The Vatican is the Holy Spirit – yes , yes -- Good and Evil all in one -- it is 666 and its purpose is to control you and to enslave you. 666 accomplishes its task with the assistance of secret societies in LONDON and WASHINGTON, D.C., -- meaning with the help of the Father and the Son. And together the three groups form GOD punishing you for you sins and rewarding those they want to reward. This is your world – this is all that your world is. I REPEAT – THIS IS ALL THAT YOUR WORLD IS TODAY.

I must add that there are no witches, no real palm readers, no magical horoscopes, no angels, no devils, -- all there is in this world is this creature, this animal called man and this man is being deceived each day by an elaborate world wide conspiracy centuries and centuries in the making by our secret societies, our Elite and our religious organizations.

I ask you to do two things. One – there is no need to attend church. You can obtain all the knowledge you need by finding your ONE, and by researching, reading, understanding the psychology of man. That's one of the tools they use to understand you.

Two – there is no need to donate to non-profits. There is enough money to take care of all the ills created by man, all the ailments of the people. As I have mentioned in the UMBRELLAWALK VIDEOS, the financial system is a fraud, a lie, designed to control you. Do not submit to their control and do not let them drain you of your funds and your emotions by getting you to donate. Let them create the money because there is no shortage of money. If they choose to not create the money then you know that what they really wanted was to control you. LET ME REPEAT THAT THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF MONEY.

I am not saying not to help a fellow man who is in dire need, I am rather saying -- do not support the system of institutionalized non-profits designed to take money from you and to enslave you. I realize that they pull on your emotions each day begging you to donate, deceiving you everyday. It is a difficult decision but just try it, just say no. Just say no to the madness!!

I leave by saying AN EPIC WAR IS BEGINNING, A WAR OF THE SUPPORTERS FOR FREEDOM against the TRINITY. The Supporters of freedom are few but growing, the supporters of the ongoing enslavement of mankind are many and they demand the ongoing continuation of the fiction world built on lies and deception. This WAR IS COMING. IT IS TO BE AN EPIC WAR!. So please find your inner ONE and free yourselves. REMEMBER THERE ARE ONLY A FEW PEOPLE WHO CONTROL THE TRINITY BUT THERE IS MANY MANY MORE THAT CAN CHOOSE AND DESIRE FREEDOM.

My next video will discuss the “Role of Women in this world as set by Trinity” - before we can discuss any further the grand conspiracy we need to understand what role women have been given by the Trinity. Keep in mind that women form one half the world population and as a result the Trinity has created a very calculated role for women. I repeat woman have a very calculated role in the grand conspiracy. Hear about it in my next video. THANK YOU.





"What I would like everyone to consider is that the lies told by Christianity, the lies of Buddha, the lies of Sikhism, the lies of Hinduism, the lies of every major religion,  they are lies because the world is one big orchestration by the ELITE, the secret societies, by the Religious Organizations.  

On my website I mention the 13 families of the world, these families work together to orchestrate the wars , the hungers, the needs, the desires of the masses, as well they also compete against each other.  The formation but more importantly, the continuation of religious groups not a part of the TRINITY is just an indication that some of the 13 families are not in full agreement with the ROLE of the TRINITY in the world as being one of full and absolute control of the world. 

Note, whether you have the POPE with his costumes and his hats, or JEWS with their little round caps on their heads, or the MUSLIM women dressed head to toe and MUSLIM men with their ritualistic praying, or GURU NANAK and the SIKHS with their turbans and daggers, or the BUDDHA and the BUDDHISTS with their shaved heads, and on and on ---  these people and these religious leaders are just ACTORS, they are puppets in grand global conspiracy to deceive the people and to control the assets.

  You will not find the ONE in their teachings as their only intent is to enslave the masses, to deceive and to control.

   Please understand your world is a fiction, a storybook of lies, the POPE, BUDDHA, GURU NANAK, MOHHAMED, JESUS are just ACTORS, created to decieve the public, to control the masses in an eloborate grand global conspiracy controlled by secret societies with key family members of the 13 families involved and all are involved in the SACRIFICE OF CHILDREN who become SACRIFICED teenagers,  in order to perpetuate the grand global conspiracy.   

YOUR LEADERS ARE DECEIVING AND BEING DECEIVED.  Your religious leaders are just ACTORS, CROOKS, CHILD ABUSERS, MURDERERS and of course are fools and this includes the POPE.




"There's something happening here"

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NINE IN NAILS -  "Just as you imagined"

"The world is as you imagine because it is manipulated, people tortured and people deceived, so it can be that way by the forces that control it"






"In the future..   If we stay the course...  we are all dead"


SO PEOPLE ASK,   "Harj, how do you know what you know, how do you know, how do you know?"

I reply,    LISTEN TO THE MUSIC   --   (CCR) --  "Heard it through the grapevine"

"The Truth is always there for us to see,  The Truth is like grapes on a tree, the grapes are there every year and they ripen and fall, but the tree and roots is there permanantly showing the signs of the grapes that were -- and that will come, -- the branches showing the health of the ages and just like that  ---  the signs of the Truth are aways present no matter what ripens on each day.   

If your mind is clear and your heart pure than the Truth is there for you to see. -- you will not be deceived by the beauty of the new grapes!"


Harj Gill Jan 2011 

 SARA GROVES  --  " I Saw What I Saw"

"I Know what I know"





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