As Defined May 02, 2010

Freedom Fighter


A Freeman is a man or woman (Freewoman) who knows that the world and the  universe is his to explore - unrestricted, who sees his flesh as his own, and to not be bound to any other, and knows the creator to be the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

A Freeman understands that all TRUTHS are an approximation of the ABSOLUTE TRUTH and therefore subject to errors and mistakes.

A Freeman is one that respects the earth, the freedom of all others, and is at peace with his ONE.

A Freeman is honest and fair in his interactions with others but at all times understanding that the preservation of the TRUTH is of utmost importance and knows its limitations as an approximation.

A Freeman understands his ONE to be that force that permits him to find and connect with his super consciousness.

Super consciousness  is achieved by the Freeman when he has reached a higher level of evolutionary development and he has come to know reality more accurately. This journey involves knowing the truth of day to day life as well as to understand and to know the Truth as near to the absolute truth as humanly possible.

In the spiritual traditions of India, consciousness is understood to be obscured by defilements which are compared to clouds covering the sun. These defilements are the result of conditioning (sanskara), accumulations in the unconsciousness caused by past actions (karma). As a result, what any individual perceives as reality is a picture of the world at one particular moment filtered through his unconscious conditioning – a ‘reality’ that western psychology calls ‘projection’ (i.e., of the contents of the unconscious). Every individual human being has their own store of conditioning based on their unique past experiences, their 'reality tunnel' and this misalignment from the Truth causes a form of enslavement for the person. A Freeman has the ability to see through the clouds of misinformation and by connecting with his ONE he feels and sees the Truth.

For the Freeman the goal of connecting with your ONE is the transformation and higher integration of his consciousness with the Truth. Anyone following a path of connecting with his ONE comes closer to preceiving reality as the causes of delusion and enslavement are dissolved. Enlightenment (also called,kaivalya, salvation with god, etc) furthermore, involves the complete dissolution of all the causes for future becoming so that reality is seen, finally, as it is, rather than through the veils of projected unconscious contents. It may be protested that the mere possession of an apparatus such as the mind and body of a human being with its genetically predetermined structures prevents the possibility of unconditioned consciousness (asankhata-nana or nibbana but the testimonials of numerous saints and mystics throughout history bear witness to the contrary. (portions obtained from Wikipedia).  However,  because of the enormous deception and untruths told by the churches of our lands throughout history, a full and total disclosure of materials related to their claims of sainthood is required before a Freeman will accept that a saint or mystic has attained "salvation with god" or a union with the ONE or ABSOLUTE ONE.

A Freeman is not bound to the rules and restrictions of men that prevent or restict his own freedoms but a Freeman respects the freedom of all others.

A Freeman understands that the world of commerce is a fiction – a world far from the Truth, a world full of rules that limit and restrict the freedoms of men. A Freeman can choose to interact with the world of commerce under guidelines and contracts signed with consent that is provided freely by his will, however, a Freeman always claims and knows his right to exit and to separate the fiction world of commerce from his body and his ONE.

A Freeman knows his glory and the glory of the world and universe around him and remains eternally positive and strong in mind and spirit.

I AM FREEMAN "Harj Gill"

The path of the Freeman is NOT a path of the beast, it is NOT the path of burden, but instead the path of the Freeman is the path of Truth and Love. 

"I was not the beast of burden...just make love to me"

Listen to the Rolling stones - "Beast of Burden"

                Evoke the fire within





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